The Garrison Fish & Game Club, Inc.

Application for Membership


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Telephone ___(____)____________________________________________________________




Email Address__________________________________________________________________


Date of Birth _______/________/________






Your residence is located in the Town of _____________________________________________


Your Residence is located in the School District of _____________________________________


Do you reside permanently at the above address? _____________________________________


If not, please give permanent address_______________________________________________




Number of years you have resided at your permanent address:___________________________


Have you voted in any regular elections in the last three years out side of the above permanent address? ______________________________________________________________________


Are you a member of any other sportsman organizations? ______________________________


If "Yes" Please list _______________________________________________________________


Are you a member of the NRA? Yes / No




Have you ever been arrested or convicted on charges of violating any Conservation law


(even if these claims were settled by civil compromise)?________________________________


If "yes" please attach an explanation to this application


All members are requested to participate in the Club Activities, including serving two years on one standing committee. Please circle your first choice and underline your second choice below:


1.Posting 2. Kitchen (Refreshments) 3. Special Activities 4. Junior Activities


5. Buildings & Grounds Maintenance 6. Pond Improvements & Activities


7. Archery/other Ranges 8. Entertainment 9.Venison Donation Program


Indicate briefly the activities of the club in which you are most interested:




I certify that the above statements are true and wish to be considered an applicant for the Garrison Fish and Game Club, Inc.


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Note! Please read the attached "Membership Application Information Sheet" which will explain the processing of your application and the required fee schedule that must be met if membership is accepted.



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